*2016 Cornellian Cover Design

About the book.


Almost 150 years old.

Selling 1500 copies each year.

456 pages of content.

Over 2000 photos of your campus, your school, your life.


Our Management Team

Tara Sarkar

Class of 2017
Bio and Society Major


Jack Zivitofsky

Business Manager
Class of 2018
Statistics Major

Our Editorial Team

Michelle Yang - Managing Editor

Opeoluwa Oladipo - Photo Editor
Kayleigh Rubin - Design Editor
Grace Cheng - Design Editor
Emma Jennings - Design Editor
Charlie Mouaikel - Copy Writer
Sophie (Bin Ru) He - Copy Writer
Sarah Chandler - Sports Copy Writer

Jason Ben Nathan - Photographer
Declan Abernethy - Photographer
Ian Wainaina - Photographer
Nancy Ren - Photographer
Dana Daniels - Photographer
Vasudha Mathur - Photographer
Theo Hong - Clubs/Greek Life Photographer

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The Cornellian Yearbook is a student-run business, so we are not always available to answer calls. However, we will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. For more urgent issues, we suggest reaching out via email.