Cornellian Yearbook Parent Advertisements


Cornellian Yearbook Parent Advertisements

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Commemorate your child’s time at Cornell by purchasing an advertisement for them in either Color or Black and White. These pages serve as valuable keepsakes for most Cornell grads and allow you to really make the book your own!

NOTE: We are sold out of parent dedication pages for the 2019 yearbook.

Due January 28, 2019

Design Option:
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After purchasing your advertisements, there are two methods of getting your ad in the book:

Method 1 - DIY

Create your ad and proofread your ad.
Ensure that the ad is the correct size as purchased.
Email completed ad as one file in JPEG format to
Due: January 28th, 2019 at 5pm

Method 2 - Custom Design Service (RECOMMENDED)

Let our professional design team create your dedication ad for you!
Email your desired text and photographs (as JPEGs) to
Do not draw lines or cut photographs. Photographs that are photocopied or under 6 megapixels will reproduce poorly.